Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ellie Goulding is definitley at the top of my playlist at the moment. Smart girl is our Ellie, i love her meaningful lyrics. Another thing i love about her is her fashion sense. Her style of dress is fairly casual, wearing things i wouldnt usually go for or deem to be fashionable. However she manages to make herslf look effortlessly cool. Take a look.

Ethical Fashion

Sustainable fashion, also called eco fashion is on the up in the fashion world.

One brand, founded by Ali Hewson and the world famous Bono (yes him with the sunglasses) in 2005, EDUN uses the art of fashion as a way of helping Africa.
Having worked with Alexander McQueen and Gareth Pugh, Ada Zanditon's sculptural aesthetic is fast finding an ethical fashion following. With a focus on environmentally-friendly practices and materials, Zanditon uses natural and organic fibres from ethical suppliers and all her fabrics are dyed with non-carcinogenic dyes. It is said the brand aims to spread "good vibes and messages" through its use of planet friendly materials, which is organic cotton. Well Bono, who needs live aid aye? ;)

But EDUN is just one of the many brands who see eco fashion as the way forward. There's something undeniably chic about a girl sporting a man's Panama hat, no? Pachacuti is the first Fair Trade company to receive the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) certificate for its work with female hat weaving cooperatives in Ecuador, where Panama hat-making is the primary source of income for the women in these rural communities.

Karen Stewart and Howard Brown also founded Stewart + Brown in 2002 to create a knitwear brand with a focus on ethically and sustainably sourced Mongolian cashmere that's built to last, therefore curbing the fast fashion trend.

So fancy being high in fashion at the same time as being environmentally friendly? Gwarn, do the planet a favour by investing in some eco fashion. It already became noticed at London Fashion Week with Christopher Raeburn's use of ex military fabrics.

Christopher Raeburn shows us how ex-military fabrics can be fashionable

EDUN shows off its eco friendly brand of organic cotton

Other eco fashion examples :

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

festival fever.

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing."
Ted Hughes.

Wise words Ted Hughes, wise words. As Glastonbury is on the horizon and the British weather is being as unpredictable as ever, let Ted Hughes be your guru this festival season. With festival dressing, plenty of preparation is needed. start here.

Collections this summer are mainly inspired by safari or military themes. Time to think waterproof ponchos,functional multi-pocketed skirts and combat jackets, useful for storing everything needed at a festival. Don't be tempted to go head-to-toe though, mix practical with pretty floral print dresses, or plain tees, to avoid looking too Lara Croft. Tomb raider? i think not.

Shorts are a festival staple; wear them with knee high socks and a giant parka. The parka and playsuit combo worked well for Alexa at Coachella;

My verdict? floral, tribal and tie-dye prints - yes, lace body-con - no. Swimwear and combats - yes, underwear as outerwear - no.

my first post. wow.

so this is my first blog.i'm only sixteen.i love fashion. in starting this blog i feel like a young naive girl lost in the endless and impossible yet beautiful ocean of fashion, and i can already feel the waves wash over me as i drown mindlessly into it, i'm gasping for breaths as i try aimlessly to understand the concept of fashion and how to turn it into a blog. am i young? yes. am i naive? yes. will i be unsuccesful? no. i'm nothing in the fashion world, i'm a socially challenged a level student trying hopelessly to break into the fashion industry. but i need to give this a go. quick mirror check. warrior queen; you're looking fierce.